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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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Fig. 1

From: Input-output impact analysis in current or constant prices: does it matter?

Fig. 1

Boxplots of the differences between the methods A, B and C at the sectoral level. In each box, the central mark is the median, the edges of the box are the 25th and 75th percentiles (i.e., first and third quartiles, Q1 and Q3), the whiskers extend to the most extreme datapoints, and the outliers are plotted individually. The extreme datapoints are determined by the so-called 1.5 interquartile range (IQR = Q3 − Q1) rule, i.e., all datapoints falling below Q1 − 1.5 × IQR or above Q3 + 1.5 × IQR are considered as outliers.

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