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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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Table 10 Industries highly dependent on foreign funds

From: Inter-industry analysis in the Korean flow-of-funds accounts

Industry Ratio (%)
D321 Semiconductors and other electronic components 14.2
D341 Motor vehicles and engines 14.0
D351 Building of ships and boats 17.8
E401 Electricity 14.5
G5281 Retail sale via mail-order houses 18.0
I602 Transit and ground passenger transportation 15.6
J642 Telecommunications 15.0
L70 Real estate, renting, and leasing 15.3
M724 Database activities and online information provision services 14.8
M743 Architectural, engineering services 14.9
M75 Business support services 14.6
Q871,3 Motion picture and performing arts 14.1
Q88 Other recreational, cultural, and sporting activities 17.3