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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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Table 4 Industries in the FSA data

From: Inter-industry analysis in the Korean flow-of-funds accounts

1 B Fishing
2 C Mining and quarrying
3 D151 Production, processing, and preserving of meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, oils, and fats
4 D152 Dairy products and ice cream
5 D153 Grain mill products, starch products, and prepared animal feeds
6 D1541 Bakery and dry bakery
7 D1545 Condiments and food additive products
8 D1542,3,4,9 Sugar, cocoa, and chocolate, noodles, other food products
9 D1551-3 Distilling and blending of spirits, fermented alcoholic beverages, and malt liquors
10 D1554 Ice and nonalcoholic beverages, production of mineral waters
11 D171 Preparation and spinning of textile fibers
12 D172 Weaving of textile fibers
13 D173,4,9 Other textiles
14 D18 Sewn wearing apparel and fur articles
15 D191,2 Leather, luggage, handbags, saddlery, and harnesses
16 D193 Footwear
17 D20 Wood and products of wood and cork, except furniture
18 D21 Pulp, paper, and paper products
19 D221 Publishing
20 D222,3 Printing and reproduction of recorded media
21 D23 Coke, refined petroleum products, and nuclear fuel
22 D2411-3 Basic chemicals, except fertilizers
23 D2414 Fertilizers and nitrogen compounds
24 D2415 Synthetic rubber and plastics in primary forms
25 D242 Pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemicals, and botanical products
26 D2431 Pesticides and other agrochemical products
27 D2432 Paints, varnishes, and similar coatings, printing ink and mastics
28 D2433 Soap, cleaning compounds, and toilet preparations
29 D2434,9 Other chemical products
30 D244 Man-made fibers
31 D2511 Rubber tires and tubes
32 D2519 Other rubber products
33 D252 Plastic products
34 D261 Glass and glass products
35 D262 Ceramic ware
36 D2631 Cement, lime, and plaster
37 D2632 Articles of concrete, cement, and plaster
38 D269 Other nonmetallic mineral products
39 D271 Basic iron and steel
40 D272 Basic precious and nonferrous metals
41 D273 Cast of metals
42 D281 Structural metal products, tanks, reservoirs, and steam generators
43 D289 Other fabricated metal products and metal treating services
44 D2916 Work trucks, lifting, and handling equipment
45 D2911-5,7 Other general-purpose machinery
46 D292 Machine tools
47 D2931 Agricultural and forestry machinery
48 D2933 Machinery for mining, quarrying, and construction
49 D2932,4-6,9 Other special-purpose machinery
50 D295 Other domestic appliances
51 D30 Computers and office machinery
52 D311 Electric motors, generators, and transformers
53 D312 Electricity distribution and control apparatuses
54 D313 Insulated wires and cables
55 D314,5,9 Other electrical equipment
56 D321 Semiconductors and other electronic components
57 D322 Television and radio transmitters and apparatuses for line telegraphy
58 D323 TV and radio receivers, sound or video recording or reproducing apparatuses
59 D33 Medical, precision, and optical instruments, watches and clocks
60 D341 Motor vehicles and engines
61 D342,3 Bodies for motor vehicles, trailers, and semitrailers, and parts and accessories
62 D351 Building of ships and boats
63 D352,3,9 Railway locomotives, aircraft, and transport equipment
64 D361 Furniture
65 D369 Other manufacturing
66 D37 Recycling
67 E401 Electricity
68 E402,3 Gas, steam, and hot water supply
69 F Construction
70 G50 Sale of motor vehicles, retail sale of automotive fuel
71 G51 Wholesale trade and commission trade
72 G5211-9 Retail sale in nonspecialized stores except department stores
73 G52111 Department stores
74 G5280 General retail trade except retail sales via mail-order houses
75 G5281 Retail sales via mail-order houses
76 H551 Accommodation
77 I602 Transit and ground passenger transportation
78 I603 Road freight transport
79 I61 Water transport
80 I62 Air transport
81 I63 Supporting, auxiliary transport activities, and travel agencies
82 J642 Telecommunications
83 L70 Real estate, renting, and leasing
84 M722 Software consultancy and supply
85 M724 Database activities and online information provision services
86 M721,3,9 Other computer activities
87 M743 Architectural, engineering services
88 M745 Advertising
89 M741,2,4,9 Other professional, scientific, and technical services
90 M75 Business support services
91 Q872 Broadcasting
92 Q871,3 Motion picture and performing arts
93 Q88 Other recreational, cultural, and sporting activities
94 R90 Sewage and refuse disposal, sanitation, and similar activities