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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 4 Industries and commodities in the Cambodia’s SAM, 2011.

From: Potential roles of export orientation of Cambodia’s agriculture and agro-industry: an application of CGE analysis

No. Activities No. Commodities
1. AGR Agriculture 1. AGR Agriculture
2. FBT Manufacture of food products, beverages, and tobacco 2. FBT Food, beverages, and tobacco
3. TEXTILE Manufacture of textiles, wearing apparel, and footwear 3. TEXTILE Clothing and wearing apparel; and leather and leather products
4. WP Manufacture of wood, wood products, paper, and paper products 4. WP Products of wood, paper, and paper products
5. RP Manufacture of rubber and plastic products 5. RP Rubber and plastics products
6. METAL Manufacture of basic metals 6. METAL Basic metals
7. FMETAL Manufacture of fabricated metal products; and office and computing machinery 7. FMETAL Fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
8. MACHINE General and special purpose machinery
9. OFFICE Office, accounting, and computing machinery
8. MOTORT Manufacture of motor vehicles and other transport equipment 10. TRANS Transport equipment
9. OTHMNU Other manufacturing 11. OTHMNU Other Manufacturing
12. CHEM Basic chemicals and other chemicals
13. FURN Furniture and other transportable goods, n.e.c.
10. MEGW Mining and quarrying, electricity, gas, and water supply 14. MEGW Coal and lignite, peat, crude petroleum, and natural gas; other minerals; electricity, gas, and water
11. CON Construction 15. CON Construction services
12. WTT Wholesale, retail trade, and transport service 16. WTT Wholesale, retail trade, and transport service
13. HR Hotels and restaurants 17. HR Lodging, food, and beverage serving services
14. FBUS Financial intermediation–insurance, real estate–business services, post and telecommunication 18. FBUS Financial intermediation and insurance; real estate and business services; post and telecommunication
15. AEH Public administration and defense, education, health and social work 19. ADM Public administration and compulsory social security services
20. EDU Education services
21. HEALTH Health and social services
16. OTHSER Other community service activities 22. OTHSER Other services, n.e.c.