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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 2 Industrial classification in the IO table for analysis of non-metallic mineral wastes

From: Analyzing material flow and value added associated with non-metallic mineral wastes in Japan

Input sector (column) Output sector (row)
Industry related to non-metallic mineral wastes
1-1. Natural crushed stones 1. Crushed stones for roads
1-2. Recycled crushed stones for roads 1  
1-3. Recycled crushed stones for roads 2  
2-1. Natural concrete aggregate 2. Concrete aggregate
2-2. Recycled concrete aggregate 1  
2-3. Recycled concrete aggregate 2  
3-1. Other crushed stones 3. Other crushed stones
3-2. Other recycled crushed stones  
4-1. Natural asphalt mixture 4. Asphalt mixture
4-2. Recycled asphalt mixture 1  
4-3. Recycled asphalt mixture 2  
5-1. Cement 5. Cement/cement products
5-2. Ready mixed concrete  
5-3. Cement products  
6. Pig iron/crude steel 6. Pig iron/crude steel
7. Other iron and steel 7. Other iron and steel
8-1. Repair of construction 8. Construction
8-2. Public construction of roads  
8-3. Other civil engineering and construction  
9. Electric power, gas supply and steam and hot water supply 9. Electric power, gas supply, and steam and hot water supply
Other industries (33 sectors) Other industries (33 sectors)