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Table 6 Wald test

From: Innovation, total factor productivity and economic growth in Pakistan: a policy perspective

Level of significance Critical values WALD test (F value)
Lower limit Upper limit
1% 4.29 5.61  
5% 3.23 4.45 6.87
10% 2.27 3.77  
  1. Critical values (lower and upper values) for the bounds test; case D: (restricted intercept and no trend) Narayan (2005)
  2. The results of Wald F- test statistics along with critical values are (upper and lower values) reported in Table 6, and these information is supported from Narayan (2004). The results of Wald F- test is 6.87 at lag 2, which is greater than the upper and lower bond critical values at 1%, 5% and 10% level of significance. Therefore, results showed that our all variables are co-integrated