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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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TableĀ 1 Industrial sectors

From: Investigation of Japanese electricity industry using a CGE model of translog function

Sector No. Description Waseda Code
S01 Agriculture, forestry, livestock, fishing 001000~005000
S02 Fossil fuel 008000
S03 Mining, ceramic, metal, non-metal, glass 006000~007000, 033000~044000
S04 Other manufacturing 009000~019000, 032000, 063000~064000
S05 Chemical industry 020000~031000
S06 Mechanical, vehicle manufacturing 045000~047000, 057000~062000
S07 Electrical manufacturing 048000~056000
S08 Construction 065000~068400
S09 Transportation 078000~085000
S10 Gas, heat, water, waste 070100~072500
S11 Other services 073000~077000, 086000~108000
S12-1 Transmission 069300
S12-2 Power generation (nuclear) 069110
S12-3 Power generation (thermal) 069120, 069400
S12-4 Power generation (hydro) 069130
S12-5 Power generation (renewable energy) 069211~069241