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Table 1 Variable specification and summary statistics of household characteristics.

From: Analysis of households’ vulnerability to food insecurity and its influencing factors in East Hararghe, Ethiopia

VariableViable labelMeanStd. Dev.
lnFCENatural log of consumption expenditure per adult equivalent8.000.40
SexDummy of sex of household sex (1 = male)0.870.34
AgeAge of the household head in years40.1912.73
EducationLevel of education in numbers of years3.653.67
Adult equivalentSize of household in adult equivalent4.891.65
Dependence ratioDependence ratio1.290.96
Annual incomeTotal annual income in birr16,878.6713,263.07
Off-farm activityDummy for participation to off farm activity (yes = 1)0.460.50
Use of fertilizerDummy for use to fertilizer (yes = 1)0.540.50
Use of improved seedDummy for use to improved seed (yes = 1)0.510.50
Use of irrigationDummy for use to irrigation (yes = 1)0.350.48
Cultivated landTotal cultivated land holding0.290.17
Adoption of SWCDummy for use to SWC (yes = 1)0.490.50
Total AssetsTotal assets in birr24,627.7348,081.69
Livestock TLULivestock owned (Tropical Livestock Unit)1.781.90
Crop diversificationNumber of crop growth2.460.70
Coping strategy indexFootnote

The coping strategies index is a tool that measures what households do when they cannot access adequate food. Food insecure households may change their diet, which means switching food consumption from preferred to cheaper and even less preferred substitutes, as well as others means like purchasing food on credit, consuming wild foods and immature crops or even seed stocks, favoring certain household members over others or going an entire day without eating food, just to mention few (Maxwell et al. 2003).

Coping strategy index16.464.93
Number of sickNumber of sick person in 1 year0.360.66
Received creditDummy for receiving credit (yes = 1)0.130.34
Contact with DANumber of contacts with extension agent, per month2.282.08