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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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Table 4 The difference between 10 cohorts and 5 cohorts in SWE analysis.

From: Return to education and financial value of investment in higher education in Indonesia

Level of educationPooledMalesFemalesUrbanRural
 10 cohorts5 cohorts%∆10 cohorts5 cohorts%∆10 cohorts5 cohorts%∆10 cohorts5 cohorts%∆10 cohorts5 cohorts%∆
JHS662.1658.9− 0.5%737.6734.2− 1.5%542.3552.11.8%703.9699.6− 0.6%564.6584.93.6%
SHS938.9943.60.5%1017.91033.21.5%865.5849.9− 1.8%1011.5998.9− 1.2%855.4811.0− 5.2%
College1433.11358.3− 5.2%1691.61695.60.2%1459.31414.3− 3.1%1636.21596.3− 2.4%1373.01317.9− 4.0%
  1. PS primary school
  2. JHS junior high school
  3. SHS senior high school