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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 2 Optimal lag selection for co-integration analysis

From: Government expenditure on human capital and growth in Namibia: a time series analysis

Series nameLowest AIC lag
Health expenditure and healthcare output variables
 LNHealth_Exp and LNFert_Rate4
 LNHealth_Exp and LNInf_Mort_Rate6
 LNHealth_Exp and LNUnder5_Mort_Rate8
Education expenditure and education output variables
 LNEdu_Exp and LNAdult_Lit_Rate2
 LNEdu_Exp and LNElderly t_Lit_Rate3
 LNEdu_Exp and LNYouth_Lit_Rate5
 LNEdu_Exp and LNPrimary_Net_Enrol1
 LNEdu_Exp and LNSec_Gross_Enrol3
 LNEdu_Exp and LNSec_Net_Enrol1
 LNEdu_Exp and LNTertiary_Gross_Enrol4
Per capita GDP, education and health expenditure