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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 1 Variable definitions and data sources

From: Financial integration and total factor productivity: in consideration of different capital controls and foreign direct investment

TFPLog of TFPPWT 9.0
Initial TFPLog of TFP from previous periodPWT 9.01
GDPLog of GDP per capita, in constant 2010 U.S. dollarsWDI
Initial GDPLog of GDP per capita from previous periodWDI
FDIForeign direct investment, stock (% of GDP)Lane and Milesi-Ferretti (2007)
FDI flowForeign direct investment, net inflows (% of GDP)WDI
DiDirect investment restrictions‘Capital control measures: a new dataset’- IMF
KaOverall capital restrictions index (all asset categories)Same
KAOPENCapital account openness index (Chinn-Ito index)Chinn and Ito 2006)
CAPITALCapital account openness index (Quinn Index)Quinn (1997)
SchoolingAverage years of secondary schooling (for the population over 15 years of age)Barro and Lee (2013)
Pvt. crDomestic credit to private sector (% of GDP)WDI
Pvt. cr_bankPrivate credit by deposit money banks (% of GDP)WDI
Pop. growthPopulation growth (annual %)WDI
InvestmentLog of gross capital formation (% of GDP)WDI