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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 2 Definitions and summary statistics of variables used in the model

From: Determinants of credit constraints and its impact on the adoption of climate change adaptation strategies among rice farmers in South-West Nigeria

VariablesDescription of variablesMeanSD
 PCA indexImproved technology  
 Risk-constrained1 if HH head is risk-constrained, 0 otherwise0.470.49
 Quantity constrained1 if HH head is quantity-constrained, 0 otherwise0.540.49
 Price-constrained1 if HH head is price-constrained, 0 otherwise0.370.48
 Gender1 if HH head is male and 0 if female0.560.50
 Household head’s ageAge of HH head (years)47.287.67
 Marital status1 if HH head is married, 0 if other/single/widowed0.800.40
 Educational statusYears of education of HH head (years spent in school)6.455.70
 Household sizeNumber of HH size (number)4.661.24
 Off-farm activities1 if HH engages in any off-farm activity0.540.50
 Farming experienceYears of HH experience in rice production (years)15.735.09
 Access to credit1 if HH has access to credit, 0 if otherwise0.570.50
 Amount receivedAmount of credit received in Naira38,630.5647577.03
 Distance to loan sourceDistance to the source of loan (km)13.0613.55
 Annual interest rateAnnual interest rate (%)0.650.61
 Farm sizeTotal land owned by HH (hectares)7.373.04
 Access to climate info1 if HH climate change information, 0 if otherwise0.360.48
 Access to extension1 if HH access to extension, 0 if otherwise0.530.50
 Membership1 if HH belongs to Farmers’ Association0.540.50
 Mean annual tempMean of annual temperature (°C)27.660.05
 Mean annual pptMean of annual precipitation (mm)111.0516.09
 Location_Ekiti State1 if HH is from Ekiti, 0 if otherwise0.380.48
 Location_Ondo State1 if HH is from Ondo, 0 if otherwise0.380.49
 Location_Osun State1 if HH is from Osun, 0 if otherwise0.350.48