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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 6 Rate of change of the regional income multipliers by impacted regions: Greece, 2010–2013.

From: The Grand Tour: Keynes and Goodwin go to Greece

RegionRegion of exogenous injections
Impacted regions
 North AegeanR28.1−
 South AegeanR36.
 Eastern Macedonia and ThraceR55.− 4.75.2−
 Central MacedoniaR69.08.58.810.
 Western  MacedoniaR719.318.918.419.821.821.0− 2.922.422.222.121.923.121.4
 EpirusR813.112.612.814.311.612.05.7− 2.412.111.913.310.712.3
 Ionian IslandsR104.−−
 Western GreeceR116.
 Central GreeceR123.−− 2.53.1
 PeloponneseR1310.99.29.310.18.410.− 1.7