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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 11 FDI explanatory variables and data source

From: Ethiopia’s FDI inflow from India and China: analysis of trends and determinants

Dependent variableExplanatory variablesExpected signSource of data
FDI inflow*1.GDP growth ratePositiveWorld Bank Country Statistics, 1960–2016
2. Labour availabilityPositiveWorld Development Indicators
3. Trade opennessPositiveCOMSTAT DATA HUB
4. Secondary school enrolment/WF qualityPositiveThe World Bank
5. Per capita differencePositive/negativeWorld Bank Country Statistics, 1960–2016
6. OERPositive/negativeEthiopia Data Portal/World Development indicators
7. Population size home-hostPositiveEthiopia Data Portal/World Development indicators
8. Market size of the host/country’s GDPPositiveWorld Bank Country Statistics, 1960–2016
9. Government size/consumption expenditurePositive/negativeCOMSTAT DATA HUB
10. Inflation, consumer price annual  NegativeThe World Bank Data
11. Natural resource rentPositiveEthiopia Data Portal/World Development indicators
12. Internet usersPositiveSource: Internet Live Stats (
Elaboration of data by International Telecommunication Union (ITU)World Bank, and United Nations Population Division.
13.GDP PC home-hostPositive/negat.World Bank Country Statistics, 1960–2016
14. Real effective exchange rateNegative
15. Real interest ratePositiveWorld Development Indicators
16. Political and institutional riskNegativeThe World Bank Data Catalogue
17. Rule of lawPositiveThe World Bank Data Catalogue
18. CorruptionNegativeThe World Bank Data Catalogue
19. Domestic credit/financial developmentPositiveCOMSTAT DATA HUB/WB
20. EffectivenessPositiveThe World Bank Data Catalogue
21. Regulatory frameworkPositiveThe World Bank Data Catalogue
22. Et-growth ratePositiveWorld Bank Country Statistics, 1960–2016
23. Bilateral trade flowPositive/neg’Ministry of Trade, Ethiopia
24. FDI opennessPositiveCOMSTAT DATA HUB
  1. * FDI flow data from the Ethiopian Investment Commission