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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 6 Chinese FDI projects by sector and status 1998–2016.

From: Ethiopia’s FDI inflow from India and China: analysis of trends and determinants

SectorImplementationOperationPre-implementationTotal no of projects% Share
No of projectNo of projectCapital in USDPerm Empl.Temp Empl.No of projects
Mining133,090,6015842 40.31
Education 144,87764 10.08
Hotels and Restaurants3318,586,11371723611453.48
Tour operation, transport and communication 92,110,161203601100.77
Real estate, Machinery Rental and Consultancy.1010377,567,65586,86627,2433815111.67
Construction Contracting and Water well drilling3397550,969,68710,63829,6373516512.75
Grand total1838012,911,698,307152,98779,1703101294100
  1. * Copper, gold, gemstone and tantalum concentrate export, import of chemicals for leather industry