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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 7 Chinese investment projects by region and status.

From: Ethiopia’s FDI inflow from India and China: analysis of trends and determinants

RegionImplementationOperationPre-implementationTotal no of proj.% Share
No of Proj.No of Proj.Capital in USDPerm Empl.Temp Empl.No of Proj
Addis Ababa784711,354,642,16830,40838,64615770654.56
Afar 2152,413535 20.15
B.Gumze     440.31
Dire Dawa3743,688,73881,09720,2732120.93
Gambella 1393,48010100230.23
Multiregional33534,343,01417312198 382.94
Tigray149,322,35411063 50.39
Grand total1838012,911,698,307152,98779,1703101294100