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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

TableĀ 1 Descriptions regarding the classifications of design categories

From: Revisiting incremental product innovations in the food-manufacturing industry: an empirical study on the effect of intellectual property rights

Defined categoryJCIDDescription of the classificationNo. of designs
Packages and related aspectsB3Additional clothing accessories and personal goods13
C2Interior decorations14
C66Food dispenser98
F3Papers products for office work, printed matters, and related materials10
F4Wrapping paper, containers, and related materials3253
F5Ad instruments, indicators, goods, and display instruments24
J5Automatic vending and service machines47
Food shapes and tablewareA1Processed foods and favorite goods168
C5Tableware or cooking vessels150
Manufacturing equipmentC62Cooking auxiliary equipment31
G1Machine appliances for conveyance, lifts, and freight handling29
K4Food processing machines and related equipment17
K6Chemical machinery and instruments23