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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 2 Fundamental statistics of the variables

From: Revisiting incremental product innovations in the food-manufacturing industry: an empirical study on the effect of intellectual property rights

  MinMaxAvr.Std. Dev.
1)Operating profits− 2188153,022577816,288
2)Annual growth rate of sales (%)− 33.54650.1980.3886.099
3)Annual growth of operating profits− 17,54223,1771752077
4)Stock of patents0105645.262123.6
5)Flow of patens (previous 3 years)049718.13756.246
6)Flow of trademark registrations036217.36442.16
7)Stock of design patents (packages and related)02516.17624.338
8)Stock of design patents (food shapes and tableware)0340.5572.401
9)Stock of design patents (manufacturing equipment)070.2260.916
10)Flow of design patents (packages and related)0410.6833.399
11)Flow of design patents (food shapes and tableware)0200.0710.778
12)Flow of design patents (manufacturing equipment)060.0250.252
13)Log (Number of employees)3.35910.6276.8011.427
14)Asset intensity5.013166.79851.7427.985
15)Listed dummy010.4690.499