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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 1 Unit root tests summary

From: Tax structure and economic growth: a study of selected Indian states

VariableDeterministic trendLLCIPSOrder of integration
(a) Model 1 and model 2
Per capita SDPConstant− 10.6203a− 10.5259aI (0)
Gross investmentConstant− 19.0118a− 19.6703aI (1)
Property taxConstant− 2.74745a− 3.30371aI (0)
Commodity taxConstant− 3.46285a− 3.93331aI (0)
Total-GDP − 14.6218a− 13.8253aI (1)
(b) Model 3
Per Capita SDPConstant− 8.16398a− 7.40650aI (0)
Gross investmentConstant− 1.38211a− 2.43668aI (1)
Property taxConstant− 11.5885a− 12.6705aI (1)
Total-GDPConstant− 10.8237a− 10.0785aI (1)
  1. aStatistically significant at 1% level. With due concern to limited space, we only reported LLC and IPS test results