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Table 4 Long-run coefficients with non-linear tax share

From: Tax structure and economic growth: a study of selected Indian states

Gross investment0.224051 (0.0821584)a0.094958 (0.0868484)0.3753215 (0.1517049)b
Property tax− 1.718452 (0.5895772)a  
Property tax square0.4562078 (0.1350524)a  
Commodity and service tax − 147.4204 (79.33938) 
Commodity and service tax square 16.5764 (8.948564)c 
Income tax  0.176142 (0.1210151)
Income tax square  − 0.021296 (0.0364334)
Inflection point1.884.45Nil
Total tax− 0.0471619 (0.022339)a− 0.0255878(0.0251895)− 0.0129363 (0.0352006)
  1. a ,b, cStatistically significant at 1%, 5% and 10% level
  2. Parenthesis values represent standard errors