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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 15 CES elasticity of transformation parameter (\(\sigma_{j}^{VA }\)) of value added.

From: Impact of trade liberalisation on formal–informal interlinkages in India: does sectoral labour mobility matter?

Activity\(\sigma_{j}^{VA }\) \(\sigma_{j}^{VA }\)
Food crops0.78Non-agro-based industry (F)1.06
Cash crops0.78Non-agro-based industry (I)1.06
Horticulture crops0.78Capital goods industry (F)0.9
Agro-allied activities0.78Capital goods industry (I)0.9
Food and beverages (F)1.09Infrastructure services (F)1.6
Food and beverages (I)1.09Infrastructure services (I)1.6
Textile and wearing apparel (F)0.89Other services (F)1.22
Textile and wearing apparel (I)0.89Other services (I)1.22
Other agro-based industry (F)0.86  
Other agro-based industry (I)0.86