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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 13 Regional and commodity aggregation of GTAP database.

From: Indo-Pacific cooperation: what do trade simulations indicate?

SL Aggregated region GTAP region SL Aggregated commodities GTAP commodities
1 China China 1 Grains crops (9 products) pdr wht gro v_f osd c_b pfb ocr pcr
2 USA United States of America 2 Meat Lstk (6 products) ctl oap rmk wol cmt omt
3 EU25 EU 25 Countries 3 Extraction (6 products) frs fsh coa oil gas omn
4 Canada Canada 4 ProcFood (5 products) vol mil pcr sgr ofd
5 New Zealand New Zealand 5 Text Wapp (2) tex wap
6 Australia Australia 6 LightMnfc (7) lea lum ppp fmp mvh otn omf
7 Japan Japan 7 HeavyMnfc (7) p_c crp nmm i_s nfm ele ome
8 ASEAN ASEAN except Malaysia and Vietnam 8 Util_Cons (4) ely gdt wtr cns
9 Malaysia Malaysia 9 Trans Comm (5) trd otp wtp atp cmn
10 Viet Nam Vietnam 10 Oth Services (6) ofi isr obs ros osg dwe
11 South Asia South Asia except India    
12 India India    
13 Korea Korea    
14 Latin America All Latin America    
15 Rest of the world Rest of countries in the World of GTAP database