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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 4 Price of selected commodities in the month when demonetization was announced (Nov 2016) vis-a-vis corresponding month in Nov 15 and Nov 17.

From: An agribusiness perspective of demonetization in central region of the state of Gujarat in India

Kharif harvest Nov 15 (₹/Qtl) Nov 16 (₹/Qtl) Nov 17 (₹/Qtl)
Okra (lady finger) 2213.33 1841.67 2250.00
Bittergourd 1940.00 1431.25 2107.00
Capsicum 3875.00 2571.43 NA
Bottlegourd 1267.46 537.05 1308.00
Cauliflower 1758.52 997.67 1795.00
Chilli 1100.00 650.00 1750.00
Delayed sales A week to a fortnight, post-harvest losses increased for perishables. Retailers of perishables were more affected
Payments made Payments to cotton, tobacco, and paddy farmers since demonetization were made through cheque mode