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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 3 Top 20 product aggregation error of land embodied in imports (2015)

From: Adding country resolution to EXIOBASE: impacts on land use embodied in trade

ProductTotal land area of flow (km2)Share of global land area (km2), %Aggregation error (km2)Error score (ε)Share of total aggregation error, %Difference between databases (100% is equal to no difference), %
Products of forestry, logging and related services (02)6,610,00030.2660,0000.1019.495
Oil seeds1,770,0008.1251,0000.147.495
Hotel and restaurant services (55)223,0001.0209,0000.936.1159
Meat animals nec327,0001.5208,0000.646.1126
Wood and products of wood and cork (except furniture); articles of straw and plaiting materials (20)1,150,0005.3135,0000.124.092
Products of meat cattle1,810,0008.3127,0000.073.798
Food products nec762,0003.5118,0000.153.5108
Chemicals nec406,0001.9117,0000.293.496
Vegetables, fruit, nuts643,0002.9104,0000.163.1106
Copper ores and concentrates98,8000.593,3000.942.717
Cereal grains nec755,0003.578,4000.102.393
Other business services (74)55,1000.352,5000.951.5151
Crops nec374,0001.751,2000.141.598
Real estate services (70)38,2000.250,5001.321.5181
Crude petroleum and services related to crude oil extraction, excluding surveying103,0000.544,3000.431.394
Dairy products529,0002.440,6000.081.299
Furniture; other manufactured goods n.e.c. (36)233,0001.139,6000.171.2113
Construction work (45)53,6000.239,1000.731.1147
  1. Ranked according to percentage of total product aggregation error. The error score is relative to the total value of the specific flow of imports. The share of total aggregation error refers to the aggregation error summed across all flows (i.e., global). The difference between databases shows the value of the flow in the aggregated database compared to that in EXIOBASE 3rx