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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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Table 1 Data description and source

From: Does infrastructure increase exports and reduce trade deficit? Evidence from selected South Asian countries using a new Global Infrastructure Index

Dependent variablesNotationData source
Exports (country total exports in million USD)LN_EXYWorld Development Indicators
Trade deficit (exports–imports in million USD)LN_TRDWorld Development Indicators
Independent variables
New Global Infrastructure IndexLN_GINFRDonaubauer et al. (2016)
(Appendix 1)
(i) Transport infrastructureLN_TINFR
(ii) Communication infrastructureLN_CINFR
(iii) Energy infrastructureLN_EINFR
(iv) Financial infrastructureLN_FINFR
Human capital (Secondary School Enrolment) (a reflection of productivity)LN_HCWorld Development Indicators
Per capita GDPLN_PGDPWorld Development Indicators
Quality of institutionLN_QIWorld Development Indicators
Exchange rate (official exchange rate)LN_EXRWorld Development Indicators