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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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Table 7 Fully modified OLS results (export is dependent variable)

From: Does infrastructure increase exports and reduce trade deficit? Evidence from selected South Asian countries using a new Global Infrastructure Index

VariablesTransport infrastructureTelecommunication infrastructureEnergy infrastructureFinancial infrastructureAggregate infrastructure
Long-run results
 Exchange rate− 0.546***− 0.469***− 0.545***− 0.595***− 0.126*
 Std. error0.0670.0700.0690.0520.071
 Human capital0.441***0.336***0.343***0.505***0.329***
 Std. error0.0600.0630.0650.0460.056
 Per capita GDP1.181***1.254***1.152***1.210***0.975***
 Std. error0.0400.0430.0410.3060.040
 Institutional quality0.614***0.507***0.675***0.592***0.467***
 Std. error0.0900.0980.0960.0710.088
 Transport infrastructure0.025    
 Std. error0.026    
 Telecommunication infrastructure 0.240***   
 Std. error 0.048   
 Energy infrastructure  0.091***  
 Std. error  0.020  
 Financial infrastructure   0.089*** 
 Std. error   0.009 
 Aggregate infrastructure    0.305***
 Std. error    0.024
 ADJ. R20.840.840.840.850.86
Dynamic ordinary least square
 Exchange rate− 0.443**− 0.531***− 0.560***− 0.480***− 0.473***
 Std. error0.2640.2420.2240.2090.210
 Human capital0.735***0.609***0.727***0.606***0.460***
 Std. error0.2880.2040.1920.1850.143
 Per capita GDP1.143***1.196***1.204***1.197***0.748***
 Std. error0.1500.1590.1290.1090.130
 Institutional quality0.0380.3960.1650.0080.009
 Std. error0.4560.3400.3550.2650.242
 Transport infrastructure0.183    
 Std. error0.209    
 Telecommunication infrastructure 0.016   
 Std. error 0.175   
 Energy infrastructure  0.073**  
 Std. error  0.014  
 Financial infrastructure   0.123*** 
 Std. error   0.036 
 Aggregate infrastructure    0.357***
 Std. error    0.067
 ADJ. R20.840.850.840.850.86
  1. ****, ** and * denote the significance at 1%, 5%, and 10%, respectively