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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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Table 6 Value added in exports and imports. Bogotá, millions of US dollars, 2012

From: Nesting a city input–output table in a multiregional framework: a case example with the city of Bogota

Bogota industriesCodeValue added in exportsValue added in imports
Rest of ColombiaWorldTotal VAiXRest of ColombiaWorldTotal VAiM
Agriculture, forestry and fishingc01646701 1413611 503
Mining and quarryingc0211510126
Food products, beverages and tobaccoc03877349102 8221 5014 323
Textiles, wearing apparel, leather and related productsc046931338265041 4441 948
Wood and products of wood and corkc059110348
Paper products and printingc0625176327213155368
Coke and refined petroleum productsc075413676724271 099
Chemicals and pharmaceutical productsc081 4402361 676761 1671 242
Rubber and plastic productsc09251643157168175
Other non-metallic mineral productsc102521326422628
Basic metalsc1117325198
Fabricated metal productsc121764321833293326
Computer, electronic and optical productsc13141150730731
Electrical equipmentc1448843531171 7901 807
Machinery and equipment, necc15236182541242 0652 189
Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailersc16174902642152 3522 567
Other transport equipmentc172332611 0111 012
Other manufacturingc1818132214314482797
Electricity, gas, water supplyc195386260043776512
Constructionc20578651 2871 6562 943
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehiclesc212 5913572 9494588181 276
Transportation and storagec221 1824101 5926139741 586
Accommodation and food servicesc23570205901 5995112 110
Telecommunications and other information servicesc241 2641751 43989120209
Financial and insurance activitiesc252 4721852 6566387150
Real estate activitiesc261 1041641 268424587
Other business sector servicesc276 6601 0197 679182442
Public admin. and defence; compulsory social securityc285446441 188
Human health and social workc303225328160751910
Arts, entertainment, recreation and other servicesc314075346056138194
Private households with employed personsc32
Total 22,641329825,93911,59319,90431,496