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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

Table 2 Lee and Strazicich’s (2004) test with one endogenous structural break

From: The relationship between financial development and income inequality in Turkey

lnINE− 3.7502001∆lnINE− 5.304***2001
lnY− 4.1121999∆lnY− 5.167***1996
lnINF− 4.314*2001∆lnINF− 5.159***2000
lnG− 4.1442007∆lnG− 6.466***2008
lnFD− 3.5682001∆lnFD− 6.684***2002
lnBAD− 3.8022007∆lnBAD− 6.534***2011
lnSMD− 4.340*2004∆lnSMD− 5.370***2001
lnBND− 3.5122001∆lnBND− 6.482***2001
  1. * and *** indicates statistical significance at 10 and 1% level, respectively