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Table 1 Definitions and summary statistics of variables used in the model

From: Estimating financing gaps in rice production in Southwestern Nigeria

VariablesDescription of variablesMeanSD
Efficiency model
 Rice outputQuantity of rice produced in kg12,207.525296.52
 InsecticidesQuantity of insecticides applied per ha in litres2.161.87
 HerbicidesQuantity of herbicides applied per ha in litres4.513.64
 SeedsQuantity of seeds sown per ha in kg27.455.22
 Farm sizeFarm size under rice production in ha2.951.22
 LabourAmount of hired and family labour in man-days79.9224.54
Inefficiency model
 Gender1 if HH head is male, 0 if female0.560.50
 Age of the HH headAge of HH head (years)47.287.67
 Marital status1 if HH head is married, 0 if other/single/widowed0.800.40
 Educational statusYears of education of HH head6.455.70
 Household sizeNumber of HH size4.661.24
 Off-farm income1 = if HH engages in any off-farm activity0.540.50
 Farming experienceYears of household experience in rice production15.735.09
 Access to credit1 if HH has access to credit, 0 if otherwise0.570.50
 Credit receivedAmount of credit received (Naira)38,630.5647,577.03
 Farm sizeTotal land owned by HH, in hectares7.373.04
 Access to information1 if HH gets climate change information, 0 if otherwise0.360.48
 Access to ext. contacts1 if HH has access to extension, 0 if otherwise0.530.50
 Membership1 if HH belongs to Farmers’ Association0.540.50
 Location_Ekiti State1 if HH is from Ekiti, 0 if otherwise0.380.48
 Location_Ondo State1 if HH is from Ondo, 0 if otherwise0.380.49
 Location_Osun State1 if HH is from Osun, 0 if otherwise0.350.48