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Table 3 Maximum likelihood estimates for parameters of the stochastic frontier production models for rice production

From: Estimating financing gaps in rice production in Southwestern Nigeria

LNOUTPUTCoef.Std. Err.P-value
Log of farm size0.4000.4020.921
Log of quantity of labour0.0520.0220.048**
Log of herbicides− 0.0450.0200.088*
Log of volume of insecticides0.0010.0020.592
Log of quantity of seed0.1710.0910.060*
Inefficiency model
 Farming experience3.4761.2700.006***
 Household size− 11.6364.7840.015**
 Access to credit− 18.60910.9560.089*
 Access to information− 13.2316.0330.028**
 Membership in cooperative4.6523.2080.147
 Access to improved variety− 19.9196.9510.004***
 Location_Osun− 15.4205.9320.009***
 Location_Ondo− 20.5358.0330.011**
 Constants− 73.96827.0880.006***
 \(\delta^{2}\)− 4.5580.0750.000***
Prob > Chi2  0.0842*
Log likelihood306.07221  
Wald Chi2(5)9.70  
Mean efficiency score70  
  1. ***, ** and * represent significance level at 1%, 5% and 10%, respectively, and location of Ekiti State was used as base category