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The Official Journal of the Pan-Pacific Association of Input-Output Studies (PAPAIOS)

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Fig. 1

From: Diversifying a resource-dependent economy: private–public relationships in the Kuwaiti economy

Fig. 1

Percentage feedback effects for each sector. Keys: 10–14, Mining and Quarrying; 15–16, Food, beverages and tobacco; 23, Petroleum; 24, Chemical products; 52, Retail trade; 55, Hotels and restaurants; 60, Land transport; 61, Water transport; 62, Air transport; 65, Financial intermediation; 67, Finance-related services; 70, Real estate activities; 74, Other business activities; 80, Education; 85, Health and social work; 90, Sewage and sanitation services; 91, Activities of membership organizations n.e.c; 92, Recreational, cultural and sporting activities

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