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Correction to: A network DEA aeronautical and non-aeronautical production model: an application to South Korea airports

The Original Article was published on 27 November 2018

1 Correction to: Economic Structures (2018) 7:32

The authors noticed accidental mistakes existing in Sects. 2 and 3 of the original article (Lee and Kim 2018). In the Sect. 2, the authors deleted some part of second paragraph since it just copied with technical mistakes in progress. And in the Sect. 3, the authors changed citation style of third paragraph. This change does not affect the conclusions and results in the original publication. The authors would like to apologize for any inconvenience which this change may have caused.

Deleted part of second paragraph in Sect. 2:

In the Sect. 2, 15th to 41st lines “Furthermore…, could not provide corresponding improvement strategies to managers.” should be deleted.

Revised third paragraph in Sect. 3:

Dan Liu once claimed that “The non-aeronautical business, that is also known as commercial service usually consists of franchise-based operations and self-operations, such as ground handling agent service supplied for airliners, in-flight catering services, duty free and other retail shops in the terminals, leasing of advertising space inside and outside the terminals of the airport, provision of goods warehousing, cargo handling agent companies” (Liu 2016).


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